Horse Classifieds by Breed

Quarter Horses for Sale     Quarter Horse Stallions
The American Quarter Horse is an Americon icon. First bred for quarter mile races as the name suggests, they still excell at short bursts of speed. They were also adapted for use as cattle working and ranch horses, making them arguably the world's most versatile breed.  more
Andalusian Horses for Sale
The Andalusian is an ancient breed from Spain. Originally bred for war and stock horses, they are popular today for dressage and jumping. Ridden by many conquistadors, the Andalusian also contributed to many of today’s American breeds. more
Arabians for Sale    Arabian Stallions
Arabians are one of the oldest of breeds with various legends surrounding their origin. Arabian horses are very well known for their stamina. They excell at endurance events and often are crossed with other breeds to contribute stamina and overall energy level. more
Friesian Horses for Sale
Friesians are among the most beautiful of horse breeds. Native to the Netherlands, they have gained quite a following among harness and dressage lovers around the world. Friesians are known for their temperament and willingness under saddle and in harness. more