About Us

Barndox is a (currently) free horse classified ads website and is set to become the biggest and best of horsetrader sites. If you are a horse trader, trainer or a hobbyist equestrian and could use free horse classifieds or if you simply enjoy browsing ads for horses for sale then you’ve found a great equine classifieds to bookmark and tell your friends about.

We are based in North Carolina, USA and our primary target is the North American marketplace, but you’ll notice we also offer free horse classifieds internationally. The horse market, including the stallion and embryo market is becoming more globalized. This creates the need for an international equine classifieds. Of course you can always browse horses for sale in any geographic region you prefer, and since we offer free horse ads, we’ll probably grow pretty fast.

As an upstart horsetrader website, we are constantly adapting and making small changes to create the best free horse classified ads solution yet. This will help horsetraders everywhere to effectively advertize their horses for sale for very little cost. We’re offering horse ads to those who want to reach the regional, national or international equine marketplace to promote their stallions at stud, horse motels, highly competitive horses for sale or to post horse jobs available. From day one, we’ve tried to imagine ourselves as many different target users of a horsetrader website--From parents looking for ponies for sale to an experienced hobbyist shopping cheap horses for sale, to a horsetrader buying and selling horses as a business or advertizing jobs with horses--Almost anything an equine classifieds could be used for.

We have tried to build the most complete equine classifieds solution yet, so you can search horses for sale, horse trailers for sale, horses for lease, stallions at stud or horses wanted by breed, discipline, pedigree or just about any way you want, including keyword search. Of course in addition to ads for horses, you can also search or place horse trailer classified ads, hay for sale, saddles for sale along with all sorts of other equine products and services.

As stated, we strive to meet the diverse needs of a diverse equestrian community and hope to grow into the biggest and best equine classified ads service online. We hope to soon become your favorite horse website, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions for improvement.